Fire Rock Casino
Location: Gallup, New Mexico
Owner: Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise

This fast track design project is in a remote location near Gallup, NM on the Navajo reserve and fronts Historic Highway Route 66. This is the first casino project for the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise. This hybrid structure combines a tensioned two fabric structure and insulated fabric cover with tangent two story office steel structure for support services with skeletonized porte-cochere structure utilizing local motifs for texture and dimensional interest.

The exterior of the tensioned fabric structure is a pair of domed units with an off-white fabric with geometric patterns, part of the fabric structure, with an interconnecting steel structure with EIFS exterior finishes. The NE elevation has some glass storefront windows adjacent to the dining area. The exterior of the 2 story steel structure office area is metal studs with EIFS finish. The porte-cochere is a steel structure with stacked stone columns and two signature torch units. The buildings consist of 64,000 SF with 2 floors and 3 restaurants. When complete the porte-cochere entry area has huge gas torches, shade sails and motif hardscapes. The facility is separated from other properties with huge parking areas and has a backdrop of huge sandstone painted desert mountains.