Jack Henry & Associates Balboa Avenue Office Complex & Parking Garage
Location: San Diego, California
Owner: Jack Henry & Associates

This project consisted of two building remodels, Building B & C, and the addition of a new parking garage. The two buildings are located in a business district of San Diego surrounded by other office buildings. A municipal airport is close proximity, which Jack Henry & Associates researches at the time of acquisition of new properties. This project consists of the renovations of 2 existing office buildings. Each building has a total of 92,000 square feet in 4 floors with over 50 rooms. There are new employee work stations, data communications, elevators, stairs, and carpet. Other new additions include new ceramic tile, New wall coverings, and acoustical ceilings throughout. The exterior of the buildings are exposed aggregate precast concrete walls on the sides and back of the buildings.

This parking garage is located at the same location as the tenant improvements for Building B & C of the office complex on Balboa Avenue. The parking garage is a new addition to this complex. It is constructed of pre-cast concrete, the components are precast columns, beems, wall panels and double T's. The full height walls were constructed using a shotcrete method. The structure consists of 128,000 square feet in 4 levels with a 4 stop elevator and there are a total of 561 parking spaces. The stairs are painted steel with handrail system and precast concrete stair treads. The garage is fully illuminated day and night.