plan for your project's success


A successful start paves the way for a successful project. We work with you to plan your project, evaluate decisions and resolve challenges before construction begins.

what we bring to the table

advantages of
pre-construction services

added project value

Proactive Problem-Solving

Reduced Rework

Perfecting Your Vision


Our design staff can offer assistance and provide ongoing collaboration during pre-construction. As you finalize your construction documents, our team reviews the drawings and specifications to pinpoint potential conflicts and provide insight for the construction process.

Setting Expectations


Our team estimates the project’s cost, optimizing the project plan to increase value for you—the Owner. We identify ways to reduce waste, improve project productivity, cut costs and excel construction planning.​

Putting The Pieces Together


Leave scheduling to us. We have extensive experience planning and managing construction schedules to keep complex projects on track. Our team will develop a
comprehensive plan and identify where the project could be delayed or accelerated. We consider the following when establishing schedules:

  • Construction feasibility
  • Critical path analysis
  • Logistical organization
  • Material procurement

Evaluating The Project Site

Killian evaluates project sites in the context of a client’s program for proposed development. We identify existing restrictions and physical site characteristics that may affect the project and explore alternate site plan development options. Our team will evaluate:
  • Existing zoning, entitlements, restrictions, covenants and codes
  • Site features, topography, drainage, access, easements, setbacks, bufferyard requirements, existing structures, views and site lines
  • Building placement, parking, circulation, expansion scenarios, out-parcels and storm water strategies

Finding The Best Value

We help you meet your goals at the lowest overall cost to you. Our team determines which construction systems, materials and equipment are necessary for the project. We identify what is needed to achieve the building’s function and purpose while maintaining serviceability, reliability and performance requirements.

Transparent Collaboration


Killian has planning and architectural professionals on staff who integrate with our pre-construction team to develop projects that balance client requirements with good planning and design guided by real-world budgets and schedules.

During project conceptualization, Killian can provide clients with:

  • Site selection assistance and evaluation
  • Assistance in zoning and entitlement processes
  • Site programming and master planning
  • Architectural programming and conceptual/schematic design
  • Professional illustrations (plans, perspectives, 3D modeling)
  • Marketing materials

In an expanded role as a Design-Builder, Killian will assemble a team of Architects and Engineers managed by our in-house professionals for the turnkey delivery of a project.